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Service to Humanity is Service to God

At His Disposal

The idea that “I am at His disposal and that He does His work, I am just a tool in His hands” is known as “prapatti.” Its derivation is as follows: “Pra”–“pat” + “ktin” = “Prapatti.” A practitioner of “Prapatti” does not consider sorrow as sorrow, joy as joy,  but accepts sorrow and joy with equanimity. 

The feeling is just the reverse in “viprapatti.” In viprapatti, one feels that it is “I” who does everything – and no one else. As a result of this, one becomes crude. 

I am just a Tool

In “prapatti”, the idea that “everything is being done by His wish, that it is by His grace that He is using me as a tool, that He may or may not use me as a tool, but ‘His will be done,’” predominates on one’s mind. To get the full joy of prapatti, one has to surrender completely unto Him.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

AMURT Regular Food Distribution to Needy Persons in Manila

"Service to Humanity is Service to the Supreme"