Jan 2 (Mon) Ekadashi
Jan 6 (Fri) Purnima
Jan 17 (Tue) Ekadashi
 Jan 21 (Sat)  Amavasya
Jan 31 (Tue) Ekadashi
Feb 5 (Fri) Purnima
Feb 16 (Thu) Ekadashi
Feb 20 (Mon) Amavasya
Mar 02 (Thu) Ekadashi
Mar 6 (Mon) Purnima
Mar 17 (Fri) Ekadashi
Mar 21 (Tue) Amavasya
Apr 1 (Sat) Ekadashi
Apr 5 (Wed) Purnima
Apr 16 (Sat) Ekadashi
Apr 20 (Thu) Amavasya
May 1 (Mon) Ekadashi
May 5 (Fri) Purnima
May 15 (Mon) Ekadashi
May 19 (Fri) Amavasya
May 30 (Tue) Ekadashi
Jun 3 (Sat) Purnima
Jun 13 (Tue) Ekadashi
Jun 17 (Sat) Amavasya
Jun 29 (Thu) Ekadashi
Jul 3 (Mon) Purnima
Jul 13 (Thu) Ekadashi
Jul 17 (Mon) Amavasya
Jul 28 (Fri) Ekadashi
Aug 1 (Tue) Purnima
Aug 11 (Fri) Ekadashi
Aug 15 (Tue) Amavasya
Aug 27 (Sun) Ekadashi
Aug 30 (Wed) Purnima
Sept 10 (Sun) Ekadashi
Sept 14 (Thu) Amavasya
Sept 25 (Mon) Ekadashi
Sept 29 (Fri) Purnima
Oct 9 (Mon) Ekadashi
Oct 14 (Sat) Amavasya
Oct 24 (Tue) Ekadashi
Oct 28 (Sat) Purnima
Nov 8 (Wed) Ekadashi
Nov 12 (Sun) Amavasya
Nov 23 (Thu) Ekadashi
Nov 27 (Mon) Purnima
Dec 8 (Fri) Ekadashi
Dec 12 (Tue) Amavasya

Upavása - remaining in closer proximity to the Lord

“A voracious person cannot attain success in life. A voracious person always suffers from so many stomach diseases. So, you should neither encourage voracity, nor should you undergo fasting for a long period of time.”
Shrii Shrii Anandamurti jii
"Fasting is a calming experience. It is restful. It relieves anxiety and tension. It is rarely depressing and it is often downright exhilarating."
Alan Cott, M.D.