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REGIONAL Conference

Ananda Marga Vietnam
8th, 9th Oct., 2022


Our agenda is holistic, focused on
integral development.

There are retreats, yoga training courses, ideological training courses, youth camps, PROUT courses, yoga detox retreats, permaculture, agroforestry, bio-construction, art events, prabhat samgiita and many others.

Ananda Marga Sectorial Conferences

A Unique Opportunity for Satsaunga, Knowledge Transfer and Spiritual Experience

We conduct Conferences four times per year in different countries of Manila Sector (SE Asia). They are very popular events that inspire us to remain committed to our life-long spiritual journey to Bliss.



DMS-Great Spiritual Congregation

To know more about our programs in your country, in Manila Sector or around the globe we welcome your inquiries.